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Sustainability Program

By way of continuity and conviction, we will promote the further development of all aspects of sustainability on the solid basis that we have put in place so far.

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  • Improve energy efficiency by 4% by 2024
    (Base year: 2015)
  • Reduce specific CO2 emissions by 25% by 2024
    (Base year: 2017)
  • Reduce specific waste volume by 10% by 2024
    (Base year: 2017)
  • Reduce specific water withdrawal by 15% by 2024
    (Base year: 2017)

Supply Chain

  • Conduct at least five on-site CSR supplier audits from 2022
  • Train personnel in Purchasing on social and environmental topics as well as corruption within the supply chain from 2022

Corporate Governance

  • Employee awareness and communication regarding sustainability from 2022
  • Sign the “Responsible Care Global Charter” by 2023
  • Upgrade the compliance organization by 2024

Social Responsibility

  • Conduct a worldwide employee survey every two years from 2023
  • Sign the Diversity Charter
  • Frequency of accidents ≤ six by 2024
  • Hold at least one promotional day to raise awareness of tripping, slipping, and falling accidents from 2022
  • Hold at least one health day per year from 2022