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Shaping the future with greater chemistry

Creating sustainable value goes beyond our products, solutions and customers. Heubach believes that partnerships between the public and private sectors are required to address the challenges involved in commercializing major society-changing new technologies. Harnessing over 25 years of chemistry expertise, the company works with a variety of organizations and institutions around the globe to drive action on the most pressing issues facing the world today. We are also members of numerous trade associations and industry coalitions  at international, regional and national level, shaping policy-development for sustainable development.

There is no better way to develop the next generation of products than through a continuous exchange of ideas with future generations of scientists. We encourage our employees to engage with industry stakeholders and collaborative platforms to build resilient and sustainable value chains and tackle specific challenges together with others.

Where we are taking action


Sustainable chemistry and innovation

Chemistry is often considered the industry of the industries. We see it as our duty to actively support scientific research and connect with policy-makers, academics and NGOs in order to deliver the chemical products and technologies needed to accelerate the transition towards a less toxic, low-carbon and circular economy. Heubach is engaged in several collaborations and partnerships focused on chemical safety, sustainability and innovation.


Climate change and energy transition

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. The current political climate calls for businesses to step up and work for the changes we know are necessary. Both corporate cooperation and supportive public policies need to be in place to enable progress at the speed required to stay below the critical limit set by the Paris Agreement. In addition to our science-based climate targets, Heubach is committed to advocating for change and to shaping the low-carbon agenda. Several technological challenges such as hydrogen generation in low carbon processes, the use of recycled carbon and biomass as feedstock and the overall electrification of chemical operations are more efficiently addressed in collaboration.


Sustainable bio economy

The bioeconomy is increasingly recognized as a way to enable society to live well within the limits of our planet. Heubach is committed to promoting the full potential of sustainable, bio-based solutions and to proactively engaging with the value chain to foster innovation and ensure sustainability. Our external activities are dedicated to mainstreaming and realizing the potential of the bioeconomy together with strategic stakeholders.


Plastics circularity

Our commitment to a circular economy goes beyond the conscious use of raw materials and natural resources within our operations. Heubach is committed to addressing the obstacles that are hampering a higher circularity of products. We believe that the transition to a more circular economy can only be achieved through ambitious commitments, active collaboration, and dialog with our value chains. In addition to our EcoCircle initiative, Heubach collaborates in joint efforts with other change-makers and industry leaders to boost the market for recycled plastics and fund projects to foster circularity.


Sustainable supply chains

Our suppliers and value chain relationships are a key part of our success. Every day we seek to drive sustainability performance in our supply chains and to promote transparency and solidarity beyond. Through our membership in the Together for Sustainability initiative and our commitments, among others, to the Science Based Targets initiative and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, we strive to manage the risks associated with raw materials and foster increased sustainability awareness and performance.