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Viscofil Red GVD

Viscofil Red GVD

Pigment Red 2

Viscofil Red GVD is a pigment preparation of approx. 32% pigment and contains nonionic dispersing and wetting agents and propylene glycol. This fine dispersed pigment dispersion is suitable for the dope dyeing of viscose, latex and seed treatment.


  • Finely dispersed


For regulatory details such as the classification and labelling as dangerous substances or goods please refer to our corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet.

Product Data

Physical Data

Density [g/cm³] 1.1
Viscosity [Pa·s] < 2
Specific surface [m²/g]
Average particle size [nm]
Pigment content [%] approx. 32
Water content [%] approx. 42


Fastness Data

1% in viscose fiber 5% in viscose fiber
Light fastness 4-5 7-8
Alkali fastness 5
Acid fastness 5


Viscofil Red GVD is suitable for:

  • Seed Treatments
  • Latex
  • Viscose

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