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Toner Yellow 5GXT

Toner Yellow 5GXT

Pigment Yellow 74

Specially designed Toner grade pigment for the Non-Impact Printing toner application especially for conventional manufactured toner (CMT).
Toner Yellow 5GXT is an Azo pigment with outstanding properties . It is suitable for common toner resins (e. g. styrene acrylic, polyester, epoxy resins etc.).


  • High color strength
  • Green shade yellow
  • High transparency

Product Data


Physical Data


Density [g/cm³] 1.39
Typyical Particle Size (TEM; D50) [nm] 70
Voaltile Matter [%] < 1.0
Conductivity [mS/cm] < 0.50
Sieve Residue [%] < 0.10

Fastness Data

Light Fastness 5

Color Data

Hue Angle [°] 92.8



Toner Applications


Process Colors
Spot Colors
Black Toners
Colored Toners
Polyester Based Systems
Common Toner Resins

■ highly recommended
● recommended
○ limited suitability
– not recommended

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