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Permanent Yellow GRY-E82

Permanent Yellow GRY-E82

Pigment Yellow 174

Permanent Yellow GRY-E82 is a highly transparent, greenish diarylide yellow pigment for offset printing inks and fulfills the requirements for 4-color-process-printing according to ISO 2846-1.Inks based on Permanent Yellow GRY-E82 show excellent coloristic properties as well as good setting and unmatched flow properties. Permanent Yellow GRY-E82 is compliant to AP89/I, Swiss Ordinance and REACH regulations. Recommended for heatset and sheetfed offset inks, in both commercial and food packaging applications.


  • high tinctorial strength, gloss and transparency
  • unmatched flow properties 
  • compliant to common food contact regulations

Product Data

Physical Data

Density [g/cm³] 1,25
Specific surface [m²/g]
Average particle size [nm] 38
Fineness of grind [µm]
Viscosity [Pa·s]
Oil absorption [ml/100g]

Fastness Data

Staining of the test medium by:
Test Medium Powder pigment Print / draw-down
Solvent mixture 3 5
Ethanol 4 5
Ethyl acetate 3-4 5
MEK 3 4
Toluene 3 3-4
White spirit 3-4 5
DOP 5 5
Paraffine 5 5
Butter 5
Soap 5
Alkali 5
Acid 5
Heat stability 10 min. 200°C
30 min. 180°C
Light fastness 1/3 SD 3.7% 3-4
Light fastness 10.0% 4-5
Silver laquer
Sterilization Water phase Steam phase


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