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Corrosion inhibitor

Zinc aluminium molybdenum orthophosphate hydrate, organically modified


  • Chromate-like universal applicability in many different conventional and modern resin systems
  • Effective at low loading levels compared to standard zinc phosphates
  • Replacement options for chromate based anticorrosives
  • Combines the well-known benefits of HEUCOPHOS® ZPA, ZPO and ZMP within one single pigment

Product Formulations

Silicone epoxy hybrid resin: SILIKOPON EFAlkyd Emulsion: Resydrol AZ 436 w/45 WAAlkyd Emulsion: Resydrol AZ 436 w/45 WAAlkyd Emulsion: Resydrol AZ 436 w/45 WAAlkyd Emulsion: Resydrol AZ 436 w/45 WAHigh-Solid Polyurethane: WorléeCryl VP A 2117/75 BALong-Oil Alkyd: Synthlat PL 754, 60 % in Shellsol D 60Epoxy Dispersion: Beckopox EP 387w/52WA; Beckocure EH 2100w/44WAEpoxy Dispersion: Beckopox EP 387w/52WA; Beckopox EH 613w/80WAEpoxy Dispersion: Beckopox EM 2120w-45Polyester: Uralac P 846; Primid QM-12601K Polyurethane: Bayhydrol UH XP 2592-451K Polyurethane: Bayhydrol F 245-451K Polyurethane: Halwedrol OX 48/40W2K Polyurethane: Macrynal VSM 2896-60; Desmodur N 75Polysilizane: KiON ML 20; Desmodur PL 340-60BA/SN; Desmodur BL 5375Epoxy Dispersion: Beckopox EH 623 w/80 WA; Beckopox EP 385 w/56 WAHigh-Solid Epoxy: Araldite GZ 7071-75X; Araldite GY 783 BD; Aradur 450 BDHigh-Solid Epoxy: Epon Resin 828; Beetle 216-8; Ancamide 2353Epoxy Ester: WorléeDur 6311-602K Epoxy: Beckopox EP 301/75X; Beckopox EP 116; Versamid 1152K Epoxy: Araldite GZ 7071-75X; Aradur 115-70XStyrene-Acrylic Dispersion: Setalux 6764 AQ-43Acrylic Dispersion: Maincote 1200-43Polyester / Melamine: Uralac SH 970 S2E5-40; Cymel 303LF; Epikote 828Alkyd Emulsion: Necowel 3016E-44Alkyd Emulsion: Resydrol AZ 436 w/45 WAShort-Oil Alkyd: Vialkyd AF 342n/60XMedium-Oil Alkyd: WorléeKyd B 4901 nvMedium-Oil Alkyd: Halweftal B 53-50High-Solid Alkyd: WorleeKyd TT 3502-80XHigh-Solid Alkyd: BECKOSOL 6440-A4-85Acrylic Dispersion: Revacryl DP5530Acrylic Dispersion: Maincote HG-54D

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