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Decorative Color Trends 2023

Zeitgeist is one of the few English words borrowed from Germany, the home of Heubach colors. It refers to the “spirit of the time”, its main views and emotions.

Currently, perhaps no feeling more closely reflects this spirit of the time than that we must salvage our planet. It is the IMPETUS behind many of our actions, as well as a powerful new source of creativity.

At the same time, digital offers another kind of creativity, one that lets us explore a whole metaverse of opportunities. Why not lead a second life in the Y-FILES, where “Y not” is the reigning motto? Especially now that the pandemic has turned us into blank slates and given us FREE REIN over how to continue. Who knows, we might even be inspired to become real-world explorers – fathoming the undiscovered depths of DEEP SPACE and bottomless oceans.

Four crucial trends, four zeitgeist currents of which each has its own colors. We’ve named them after popular dance tracks of the past – still heard today because they express a timeless spirit of energy and freedom.

Discover GOOD JINN – Heubach’s COLOR OF THE YEAR (COTY) 2023 

Wouldn’t we all like to have one? A good geist from another zeit we can summon at will to fulfill our wishes and answer our questions? 

Questions such as: What really is out there, in that deep space of darkest blue, warm with the red undertone of pulsating stars and glowing creatures? What amazing secrets do those boundless expanses of space and sea still have in store for us, waiting to be revealed?

Good Jinn – our color of the year – recreates the mesmerizing blue of those deep spaces in a shade that is very close to NSC S 7020-R70B.  A color code that could also be the coordinates of a distant star or sunken treasure. And thus, either an ancient jinn’s or modern science’s answer to our question …

The very dark and intense blue hue is great for drawing the focus of a room to some special feature – a large window, say, or a nice painting or piece of furniture. Good Jinn makes that feature leap out like a genie from a magic lamp. Such centerpieces come out particularly well when the whole room is painted in this new blue – creating a deep surrounding space for better study and admiration. Which is precisely why we used it as a magic backdrop for all the other new colors.


Presentation ZEITGEIST Decorative Color Trends 2023

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