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Wood Coatings

From traditional solvent-borne wood stains and transparent wood finishes, to environmentally friendly systems such as waterborne, water-miscible and UV-curable systems, our colorants add vibrance and luster to a wide spectrum of wood coatings

To enhance wood’s natural beauty, from use in interior decoration and furniture to fences and house exteriors, we provide sustainable solutions that can be used in the production of decorative stains and coatings for wooden furniture, parquet floors and joinery. Our products extend from traditional solvent-borne wood stains and clear wood finishes, to environmentally friendly systems such as waterborne, water-miscible and UV-curable wood coatings.

We assist our customers in preserving the natural beauty of wood by creating sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for individual requirements. For example, one of the issues that many customers face in paint manufacturing relates to quick, effective dispersion of pigments: to simplify this process, we’ve developed a new range of organic, easily dispersible pigments that are quickly incorporated into paint systems. This solution helps our customers increase efficiency while saving raw materials and energy.

Diverse Solutions

Home of pigment preparations

Heubach’s extensive portfolio of high-performance pigment preparations (aqueous dispersions) for architectural & decorative, wood, and industrial coatings offer a secure way to help your business grow.

Easily dispersible pigments

Heubach’s new range of easily dispersible and easily dispersible waterborne (ED and EDW) organic pigments simplifies the paint manufacturing process.


High brilliancy, color strength and durability for applications including transparent and effect finishes.

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Sustainable replacement for oil- and solvent-soluble dyes such as wood stains and varnishes, shoe and floor polishes as well as fertilizers and herbicides.

Hostatint™ UV Pigment Preparations

Supporting the trend for colored UV systems and the industry focus on improving sustainability and product performance.

Hostatint™ A 100—ST

Easy and safe to use, these colorants add a quality appeal to applications by emphasizing the visibility of a substrate.

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