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High performance organic pigments, polymer soluble dyes and optical brighteners for the sustainable coloration of Plastic packaging

Colorants for food packaging

Food packaging is one of the most challenging applications for colorants. Colorants used in polymers in food packaging are required to comply with strict regulations for food packaging coloration. Heubach’s wide range of high-performance organic pigments, polymer soluble dyes, and optical brighteners fulfill strict regulations and safety laws for food packaging coloration (including FDA, EU 10/2011, GB9685-2016), while ensuring the product remains eye-catching and attractive to the end-consumer. Whatever your application, we’re here to help you create the tailor-made solution that will get the highest possible color strength and durability out of the pigments you choose.

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Colorants for non-food packaging

Today’s outstanding challenge for the non-food packaging industry is to make products that are attractive and recognizable, while minimizing their impact on the environment. In a complex production process, where the choice of pigment has a crucial influence on the processability of the masterbatch and the behavior of the finished article, Heubach has the expertise to support you in selecting exactly the high-performance organic pigment, polymer soluble dye, or optical brightener for your purposes. Our colorants are known industry wide for their excellent dispersion properties, boosting color and allowing for good processing during injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion.

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High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors EU

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High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors US

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Heucosperse and Microsperse - Water based pigment dispersons for the printing ink industry US

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Heucoplast - Coloring of rigid PVC

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