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Safety Officer

Function:                    Safety

Designation:              Safety Officer

Work Location:          Ankleshwar, Gujarat


Key Job Responsibilities include:   

Develop a site specific Emergency Management Plan and communicate this plan through orientation to all personnel.

  • Ensure implementation of company safety policy across the plant premises.
  • Monitor and track record of near miss incidences, loss time injury, accidents or other unsafe conditions and implement effective solutions to resolve the same.
  • Ensure implementation of corrective actions as it relates to the incident and ensure "lessons learned" are communicated throughout the Company and are incorporated in policy/procedure, if necessary.
  • Establish target areas and long-range accident prevention and cost control objectives.
  • Ensure communication of hazard control information and evaluate effectiveness of the control.
  • Select and recommend purchase of standard manufactured safety devices, equipments and structures as may be required to guard dangerous areas.
  • Oversee company accident statistics and make recommendations for correction of problem areas.
  • Work closely with medical services department to provide and coordinate emergency services for the injured.
  • Work with trade and professional organizations to promote goals and objectives in the safety area that affect company's business.
  • Maintain liaisons with outside organizations, such as fire departments, etc. so that emergency responses can be facilitated.
  • Compile Fire related reports to convey information on the Fire Safety performance of the business.
  • Identify training needs and train direct / indirect employees related to safety systems.
  • Motivate and encourage employees to follow safety protocols at all times.
  • Guide line and staff management to understand OSHA regulations and standards, including guidance on handling OSHA compliance, inspections and citations.
  • Assess new developments in the safety field that may have application to the company's operations.
  • Conduct mock drills on different interval to check the awareness of employees regarding fire safety.
  • Guide the fire team on maintenance and proper upkeep of fire hydrants & extinguishers and other safety equipment.
  • Ensure maintenance of all fire safety equipment in plant premise, such as fire extinguishers and other fire-suppression equipment.
  • Ensure preventative work on equipment and machinery as well as reduce the need for maintenance and replacement.

What we are looking for

  • B.Sc/M.Sc Fire & Safety, B.E.(Chemical), PDIS or ADIS with 3 to 7 years’ experience in chemical plant operations
  • Knowledge of manufacturing process for hazard identification & risk assessment, knowledge of OHSAS 18001.
  • Extensive knowledge of environment and safety management practices, Knowledge of current environment and safety legislation and its application in industry.
  • Strong understanding of environmental issues, relevant legislation and renewable energy sources.
  • Knowledge of Hazardous processes, waste management, Knowledge of statutory compliances pertaining to Environment, Factories Act.



Mode: Full Time
Country: India
City: Ankleshwar