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Safety Lead - Ankaleshwar Cluster

Ensure safe operating environment at the site through periodic review of safety procedures and through creating a safety first approach amongst the employees along with meeting all statutory compliances related to Safety. Responsible for development and effective implementation of company's Environment Management System.


Develop a site specific Emergency Management Plan and communicate this plan through orientation to all personnel.

Ensure implementation of company safety policy across the plant premises.

Monitor and track record of near miss incidences, loss time injury, accidents or other unsafe conditions and implement effective solutions to resolve the same.

Ensure implementation of corrective actions as it relates to the incident and ensure "lessons learned" are communicated throughout the Company and are incorporated in policy/procedure, if necessary.

Establish target areas and long-range accident prevention and cost control objectives.

Ensure communication of hazard control information and evaluate effectiveness of the control.

Select and recommend purchase of standard manufactured safety devices, equipments and structures as may be required to guard dangerous areas.

Oversee company accident statistics and make recommendations for correction of problem areas.

Work closely with medical services department to provide and coordinate emergency services for the injured.

Work with trade and professional organizations to promote goals and objectives in the safety area that affect company's business.

Maintain liaisons with outside organizations, such as fire departments, etc. so that emergency responses can be facilitated.

Identify unsafe conditions, practices and implantation solutions to overcome such conditions.

Investigate fatalities or serious injuries that occur at company facilities.

Evaluate hazardous conditions, practice and develop hazard control practices and programs.

Ensure that there are well-developed plans for easy evacuation of people in plant premises in the case of a fire outbreak.

Perform regular fire safety inspections of all facilities under care, ensuring that they meet all necessary codes and regulations.

Respond to fire emergencies and arson crimes, investigate, report the causes of fire and take appropriate responsive actions.

Identify areas of improvement through regular onsite safety audit and enforce closure of action requests from the audit.

Keep apprised of developments in central and state safety laws likely to affect the company.

Liaise with government agencies on safety matters affecting the company.

Analyze trend reports on effectiveness of corrective and preventive systems in place in all the units.

Monitor the investigation of accidents & injuries and ensure that corrective actions are taken and results of inspections are documented.

Develop and analyze trend reports and effectiveness of corrective and preventive systems in place in all the units.

Compile Fire related reports to convey information on the Fire Safety performance of the business.

Identify training needs and train direct / indirect employees related to safety systems.

Motivate and encourage employees to follow safety protocols at all times.

Guide line and staff management to understand OSHA regulations and standards, including guidance on handling OSHA compliance, inspections and citations.

Assess new developments in the safety field that may have application to the company's operations.

Conduct mock drills on different interval to check the awareness of employees regarding fire safety.

Guide the fire team on maintenance and proper upkeep of fire hydrants & extinguishers and other safety equipment.

Ensure maintenance of all fire safety equipment in plant premise, such as fire extinguishers and other fire-suppression equipment.

Ensure preventative work on equipment and machinery as well as reduce the need for maintenance and replacement.

  • Mode: Full Time
  • Country: India
  • City: Ankleshwar
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