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Executive - Banking and Treasury

Purpose of the Job:

Maintain relationships with Banks and Lending institutions and streamline processes pertaining to treasury operations, debt obligations.


Key Result Areas:

  • Responsible in managing Statutory and Internal compliance like ECB return, FFR I & II, Stock Statement, APR Submission, Bank Letter renewals, Derivative certificate.
  • Opening of Letter of credits and their amendments mostly for import payment and receivables.
  • Accounting of  transactions through Treasury Module of SAP and Bank reconcilaition
  • Close coordination with banks and resolving their queries with respect to above independently.
  • Handling annual and interim audits for their responsible area of work.
  • Responsible for timely servicing of debt obligations including compliance with the debt covenants.
  • Make sure that sufficient funds are available to meet on-going operational and capital investment requirements.
  • Ensure the process & repayment of PCINR, WCDL & PCFC.
  • Prepare daily fund position and Forward contract report to the CFO and Management.
  • Liaise & Monitor the activities of third parties and auditors handling outsourced treasury functions on behalf of the company
  • Responsible for maintaining healthy relationships with banks for day to day banking transactions and other periodical activities.
  • Negotiate with banks to secure the highest rate for fixed-term deposits having regard to cash flow requirements and the prevailing economic conditions.
  • Responsible for Re-instatement of FCY receivables and payables on quarter end.
  • Ensuring compliance with the provisions of FEMA, compliance with respect to FDI including necessary regulatory filings.
  • Ensure online real time updating of transactions in the system




3-5 years 

Desire Knowledge:

Strong understanding of budget planning & control mechanisms, Cost Accounting, System analysis and system evaluation, Strong knowledge of Accounting processes, Understanding of budget, CAPEX, Fund Management, Financial Management.


  • Mode: Full Time
  • Country: India
  • City: Vadodara
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