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Company Secretary & Legal Lead (human)

Secreterial Functions:

  • Ensure compliance of the provisions of Companies Law and rules made there-under and other statutes and bye-laws of the company
  • Ensure that business of the company is conducted in accordance with its objects as contained in its memorandum of association
  • Ensure that affairs of the company are managed in accordance with its objects contained in the articles of association and the provisions of the Companies Law
  • Prepare the agenda in consultation with the MD and the other documents for all the meetings of the board of directors
  • Attend the broad meetings in order to ensure that the legal requirements are fulfilled, and provide such information as are necessary
  • Carry out all matters concerned with the allotment of shares, and issuance of share certificates including maintenance of statutory Share Register and conducting the appropriate activities connected with share transfers
  • Prepare, approve, sign and seal agreements leases, legal forms, and other official documents on the company’s behalf, when authorised by the broad of the directors or the Head of corporate affairs.
  • Advise, in conjunctions with the company’s solicitors, the chief executive or Head, in respect of the legal matters, as required
  • Engage legal advisors and defend the rights of the company in Courts of Law
  • Have custody of the seal of the company

Legal Functions:

  • Filling of various documents/returns as required under the provisions of the Companies Law
  • Proper maintenance of books and registers of the company as required under the provisions of the Companies Law
  • Oversee whether legal requirements of the allotment, issuance and transfer of share certificates, mortgages and charges, have been complied with
  • Convene/arrange the meetings of directors, on their advise
  • Issue notice and agenda of board meetings to every director of the company
  • Carry on correspondence with the directors of the company on various matters
  • Record the minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the directors
  • Implement the policies formulated by the directors
  • Deal with all correspondence between the company and the shareholders
  • Issue notice and agenda of the general meetings to the shareholders
  • Keep the record of the proceedings of all general meetings
  • Make arrangement for the payment of the dividend within prescribed period as provided under the provisions of the Companies Law

Other Functions:


  • Ensure that statutory forms are filed promptly
  • Provide members and auditors with notice of meeting
  • File a copy of special resolutions on prescribed form within the specified time period
  • Supply a copy of the accounts to every member of the company, every debenture holder and every person who is entitled to receive notice of general meetings. Submit annual audited accounts
  • Keep or arrange for the having of minutes of directors' meetings / general meetings / members meetings
  • Ensure that people entitled to do so, can inspect company records.For example, members of the company are entitled to a copy of the company's register of members, and to inspect the minutes of its general meetings and to have copies of these minutes

Maintain Statutory Books of:

  • the register of mortgages, charges etc.
  • the register of members and index thereof
  • the register of debenture-holders
  • the register of directors and other officers
  • the register of contracts
  • the register of directors' shareholdings and debentures
  • the register of local members, directors and officers, in case of a foreign company
  • Minute books
  • Proxy register
  • Register of beneficial ownership
  • Register of deposits



Idea Experience:

10-15 years

  • Mode: Full Time
  • Country: India
  • City: Vadodara
  • Apply