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ACO Quality Control Lab Technician (m/f/d)

Title: ACO Quality Control Technician 

Overview:  In accurate and timely manner and as per written Laboratory Work Instructions, complete all assigned laboratory analysis of raw materials, in-process/bulks, and final products and compare the test results to the Standard Specifications. Routinely sample and test Plant samples to determine the Plant performance. Maintain the laboratory notebooks and enter data into the spreadsheets and SAP software. Work with Plant Operations on process controls and improvements 

Exemption: Non-Exempt; Hourly 


Education: Associate‘s Degree or higher in Chemistry or closely related field  

Experience: 2-5 years of hands-on experience in a Quality Control Laboratory. Experience in anti-corrosive pigments, inorganic/organic pigments or pigment dispersion, as well as, practical knowledge of ISO 9001 Standard is a plus. 

Qualifications: Reliable enthusiastic employee with a strong working ethics and a proven good attendance record. Quick learner with a natural scientific curiosity and attention to details, as well as with an ability to follow written and oral work instructions. Professional laboratory specialist with a proven safety record and a good lab bench, housekeeping, and documentation practices habits. Strong individual contributor and a dedicated team player. Hands-on organized Technician with practical laboratory acumen. Multitasking ability to manage more than one process or/and project simultaneously and accurately document the results and findings in a timely manner in a fast-paced environment. Computer-literate worker with proficiency in Microsoft Suite; MS Teams and SAP is a plus. 

Reports to: ACO QC Manager 

Direct Reports: None 

Essential Functions/Responsibilities: 

  • Safety First: 

  • Observe and follow Health and Safety practices and regulations put in place at all times. 

  • Wear and maintain proper PPE. 

  • Participate in safety programs and training as assigned or as volunteered. 

  • Maintain safety awareness and identify opportunities to be safer. 

  • Quality & Customer Focus: 

  • Participate and promote company’s Quality Policy and  


  • Monitor process parameters to ensure process integrity. 

  • Provide accurate information on all paperwork including, but not limited to, batch ticket, environmental monitoring, equipment parameter tracking and other company.  


  • Actively seeks opportunities to improve through use of the Corrective Action system 

  • Job Duties: 

  • Plan and execute the analytical testing of all internal and external samples using manual and instrumental laboratory techniques to determine chemical and physical properties of the materials under test 

  • perform hot extraction, sample acid digestion, manual titrations, and gravimetric analysis 

  • determine Loss on Ignition, %Solids, Volatile Matters, Fineness of Grind, Sieve Residue and, Oil Absorption Values 

  • measure pH, Conductivity, Particle Size Distribution (Beckman Coulter Multisizer-3) 

  • analyze aqueous liquid samples for elemental content and for traces of heavy metals (Agilent ICP-OES) and for the water-soluble ions concentration (UV/Vis Spectrophotometer) 

  • Prepare all the necessary reagent solutions and standards 

  • Perform the instrument maintenance, calibration, and calibration verifications 

  • Keep QC Laboratory well-organized and clean   

  • Maintain well-organized laboratory notebooks, all hard- and soft copies of all laboratory records 

  • Participate in process control and improvement activities including, but not limited to  

  • Gathering process data 

  • Gathering in-process samples 

  • Organizing data into tables for analysis 

  • Applying statistical tools to process data 

  • Training operators in process understanding and lab functionality. 

  • Perform assigned duties as necessary from time to time 


Frequent physical demands:  Include ability to: Sit, Walk, Talk, See color, Hear, Stand, Climb (i.e. stairs), Carry objects, Push/Pull, Twist and Bend, Reach forward, Reach overhead, Squat, fine motor skills/activities, Wrist position deviation, read and write in English.   

Occasional physical demands:  

  1. Lifting Floor to Waist: 70 lbs. 

  1. Lifting Waist Level and Above: 70 lbs. 


  • All candidates will be required to take a physical and drug test prior to hire 

  • All new employees will be required to complete the necessary ISO training within 30 days of hire 

  • All Lab, Production and Warehouse personnel will be required to obtain annual clearance of Respirator Fit Testing, Pulmonary Function Testing, and an Audiogram 

  • Must be authorized to work in the USA  

  • Position requires to work on site 

Mode: Full Time
Country: United States
City: Fairless Hills