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CSR at Heubach India

The only way to ensure our commercial success over the long term is by adopting a sustainable approach in dealing with the requirements and needs of our stakeholders and the environment.

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As a manufacturer of chemical raw materials, we cannot completely avoid environmental impacts, as our company uses up resources, and the production process produces emis­sions, wastewater, and waste. However, we can continuously minimize the risk of polluting factors and thereby ensure that we take careful, responsible action with respect to the environment.

Blood Donation Camp

Donation: Ventilator – Jayaben Modi Hospital

Green Belt Development

School Transporation Services

Health Awareness Programs For Community

Women Empowerment Program

Periodical Education at Saragnpur School

Periodical Computer Education at Saragnpur

Malnutrition “Healthy habits”

Promotion to Women Empowerment

Winter care programe at Saragnpur School


CSR annual action plan 2021/2022

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Latest CSR Policy

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CSR Commitee

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