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Lab Technician - SpA


1. Perform assigned work in accordance with test procedures and safety regulations, including color matching, wet chemical workbench, titration, analysis at aluminum surface and photometric analysis.

2. Be responsible for summarizing product analysis data, making reports and archiving information, tracking all links of experimental work, and completing the work record sheet.

3. Regularly calibrate the experimental equipment and be responsible for the management of equipment maintenance records.

4. Participate in the collection and verification of the company's product publicity materials and information, and assist in the preparation of various technical documents.

5. Provide effective product information training for sales colleagues and important customers

6. Regularly participate in visiting customers, provide necessary technical support for customers in the process of product application, and provide effective technical solutions to meet customer needs.

7. Conduct product development experiment, formulate product optimization scheme and make new product report.

8. Other experimental work arranged by the supervisor.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in chemical engineering or equivalent

2. More than 2 years working experience in experimental post in chemical industry

3. CET4, basic English reading and writing

4. Good team spirit

  • Mode: Full Time
  • Country: China
  • City: Guangzhou
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